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Shri Vaishy Chittora Mahasabha sanstha Rajasthan is going to Celebrate-a all india level sangoshti,parichay sammelan, Respect to senior citizen and respect for students highly performed their results in 10 th class to higher classes.Programme will be held :on dated 29 th december 2019 at shree ganesh ji maharaj mandir prisar Barundhan District bundi.

detailed programme will likely to be published earlier.

Please find Invitation Card :

shree Vaishy Chittora


shri vaishy chittora mahasabha sanstha rajasthan karyakarini meeting will be held on 21.7.19 at kota.All members of karyakarini are requested to attand this meeting.A important discussion and decisson will be taken regarding Parichay Sammelan at Shri Ganesh ji Maharaj Mandir parisar Barundhan ( Bundi).Meeting Place will be iformed after confermation of place.



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