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On dated 17 July 2018  a celebration of book opening ceremony for



at 5 PM. Programme was arranged by Shri Vashy Chittora Mahasabha Sanstha Rajasthan.Where Chie Guest Shri Maneesh Chittora Mukadam aditor and Ritesh Chittora Dy.editor of book were also the  host guest.The celebration program was started at 5 PM where all Vaishy Chittora Panchayat presidents and secretaries with their representative were present. while the whole Chittora Samaj Persons of Bundi were present as a Host of dinner.We are proudly says that representatives form whole Rajasthan were present their was the Hon’ble Senior Charted accountant Shri Bal Krishna Chittora from Jaipur,Special Guest IFS shri Ajay Chittora Forest deptt. Ajmer Shri Shiv Prasad Chittora the president of Shri Vaishy Chittora Mahasabha Sanstha Rajasthan and editor in Chief of Privar vivran Book was Host Guest.

Ist of all we welcome to Chief Guest Sr. C.A. Shri Bal Krishna Chittorawelcome to IFS shri Ajay Chittora, Host Guest Shiv Prasad Chittora, Adhyash Mahasabha.

Later on book opening celebration of Privar Vivaran and Durbash Nirdheshika 2018 was performed by the all guests, and presented all Samaj Bandhu

Shri Shiv Prasad Chittora the editor in Chief of book has lectured in the honor of Chief and special guest.He said the Privar Vivran and Durbhash Nirdeshika 2018 book is special for Rajasthan samaj Bandhu,It will help in coordinating the details of whole Samaj including matromonial deatis of unmarried Girls and Boys of Samaj.This book will also help us to search any mobile numbers and addresses of our Samaj bandhu of Rajasthan. The pages of this book contains the details of registered families of different Vaishy Chittora Panchayats, Whereas other contains are total family details with their own family with photo of family haed. Shri Ritesh Chittora Dy editor of book also lectured.Shri Ajay Chittora, and to CA Sumit Chittora,to ShriStay Narayan Chittora, Adhykash Vaishy Chittora Panchayat Bundi.

Special Guest IFS Ajay Chittora and Chief Guest CA Bal Krishna Chittora has lectured in the honor of whole presented Chittora Samaj of Rajasthan. They said at the present time we are running in digital India there fore our performance should be like that. But unity of whole Samaj is the big point.

On the other hand vice versa momentos were given by the chief guest and special guest to aditor Maneesh Chittora,Dy Adito Ritesh Chittora, Adviser Shri Suraj Mal Patpada wale, Adviser Shri Vinod Kumar Chittora,Secratary Mahasabha Shri Kailsh Chand Gupta Advocate.

At the end Shri Shiv Prasad Chittora Adhayax Mahasabha and aditor in Chief Of book has performed the thanks to all guests and all Samaj Bandhu.

A samuhik Bhoj was also arranged by the Shri Vaishy Chittora Panchayat Bundi as a Host.Vaishy Chittora Mahasabha Sanstha Rajasthan thanks to Bundi Panchayat for this celebration.

Shri Mukesh Chittora treasurar of Mahasabha and shri Vishnu Rathor of Raj Patrika Barudhan were the anouncer of programme.