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Quicksave before trying to skin it - its hide is quite valuable. Head into the area where the bear was and you will find a group of two Alpha Wolves, two Worgs and two Ferocious Wolves. So not terribly useful. Start making your way back to your capital. She guesses that he might be near the river. Speak to the Old Beldame and ask about the lost child (remember him?). Make your way around the dungeon to the puzzle room in the northwest and set the floor mechanism so that the fish rune is showing. You will also see a new quest appear, Beneath the Stolen Lands. However, you should ignore it for the time being. The house to the east belongs to Kaessi; go in there to update the Sorrowflow companion quest. Cast Resist Lightning (Communal) before you go near it, however. The next thing you want to do is claim the Outskirts which cause 14 days to pass. Buff up before approaching, however. If you are able to, get Unbreakable Heart on Valerie, Amiri and / or Dog. Manipulate the floor puzzle so that the lightning rune is showing. You will find another group of wolves in your way: an Alpha Wolf, a Worg and five Ferocious Wolves. Bartholomew's House I've played through the Troll Chapter probably 10 different times, and every other time, Bartholomew's area gets invaded by trolls at some point, I go there and save him (or fail to), and he asks me to recover the black whip. Then you simply need to withstand Hargulka's melee assault - Mirror Image and Displacement are perhaps more useful than Shield and Barkskin here - while Ekundayo burns through his HP pool. Wade into the river to where the cart is stranded. Make your way to the southeast corner where you will find the Scythe Tree waiting. With Inspire Competence and gear, Octavia can have Trickery +26 or more which is sufficient to remove the DC36 trap, earning you 1440XP. A body a short distance to the west has a Token of the Dryad and some minor loot. I think the trolls are overpowered in your case (or may be Bartholomew died because of AOE damage from your attacks/spells). However, they are accompanied by a Boomsayer who will make your life hell if you don't kill him. There is nothing to do immediately, but you should have a couple of quests awaiting your attention. This is manageable at 5th level, although not terribly rewarding. The most useful consequence of this is that you get to have a merchant in your throne room, albeit a sadist and a degenerate. Another Ancient Will-o'-Wisp will attack you. Take the trail leading east and at the next crossroads, take the southwest path. Backtrack to the corridor where you fought the skeletons and follow it around. Leave and return to the main trail. If you retrieve the armour pieces through intimidation, you can throw Kergan in jail or let him go. The first task you should see to is enroute to Tuskdale. You will then have a bunch of possibilities to resolve the problem. Afterwards, unlock the chest using the key you found earlier and you will find a unique breastplate, the Heart of Valor, a Dwarven Helm Shard (6/10) and some gold. You will emerge in some sort of storage room. Go back inside for an easy battle against a Kobold Sentinel and two Trollhounds. Search among the undergrowth to the right of the bridge for another Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag. Follow the dog until you find a man called Ekundayo. If you read his diary you will learn of his experiments on some unfortunate named Dimwit. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Qnnit. If you fail, curse and reload the save before the battle. Go south to find 4 Ferocious Wolves. Attempt to solve the puzzles using the rings and Harrim will show you how it's done. Quicksave and when you're ready, speak to Rismel, the figure standing by the portal. Have Ekun take out the Boomsayer while your melee attackers go after the trolls. If not, cast Expeditious Retreat (if you can), drink a potion of Invisibility and head up the stairs by the Manticore. Ask about "other dangers on the road" and a location named Hodag Lair will be added to your map. Approach the column in the centre and you will be thrown into battle against the Lonely Warrior, a level 15 undead. Quicksave and have Linzi use Inspire Competence before you examine the sarcophagus because there are moderately difficult skill checks to make which give you a decent chunk of XP. Grab a Torag's Pendant from the ground and then continue south to face off against 6 Greater Giant Spiders. It costs 400BP (or equivalently 32,000G) and an additional 50BP to build a settlement. After dealing with them, loot the leader's body to find a Torag's Pendant, a suit of Full Plate, a Masterwork bastard sword, a Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 and a unique shield, the Protector of Unjust which will go well on Harrim. When it's dead, you can loot the other chests for a Shock Light Crossbow +1 among other treasures. Interact with the switch on the floor and more weak undead will emerge from the sarcophagi. You will learn that he is Dragn's grudge-bearing brother. The shaman drops a Wand of Bless and a Cloak of Resistance +2. Head across to the other side of the path where you will find three Ferocious Wolves and two Alpha Wolves. This leads to a number of other options. Tell that the Scythe Tree has been destroyed for an XP reward. However, there's a lots to do before you go there. Make a hard save at the entrance in case you get stuck. When they're dead, you can grab the other two Gloomberries and search a log to find Shard of Knight's Bracers (6/10) and a Token of the Dryad. During the operation on the woman to remove her seed, you can ask bartholomew to drop by and the game then tells you "the mad sadistic mage bartholomew is here for some reason"

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